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Cash Business Buyers Testimonials

Claire K - AD*****E SERVICES LIMITED, Ashford Kent

“I had two companies that I didn't really have time to deal with. I looked at voluntary liquidation but the fees I was quoted were so expensive.

I decided to list my company with Cash Business Buyers without really expecting any results.

However, one company was sold within 5 days and the other within 21 days - still a very reasonable time compared to the six months with no interest on a well known business sale website.” 


“I was able to sell my company and walk away from a massive potential headache

I had personal guarantees and government bounce back loans that Cash Business Buyers White Paper provided me with the knowledge to get PGs removed.

Hopefully, the new owner is making a go of my mobile keys business, but I'm so glad I got to walk away...”


“I was super sceptical at first. I mean the fees were so much lower than other sites I found googling.

One company I called sounded really dodgy, giving me advice about what I could do with the cash in my business account that sounded frankly dodgy.

I just wanted a clean sale and to be able to get on my business life without the tarnish of insolvency behind me." 


“I had a lot of stress during the Covid lockdown. I took several Covid loans but my business couldn't easily recover.

I basically sold my way out of that stress. The business had great customers and so the new owner will almost certainly be turning it around by now.

But for me and my family, being a business owner probably was not the best option for a stress free life. The online service from Cash Business Buyers was fast and smooth."


I had some issues with regulatory bodies and realised the business was not for me. I was looking for a fast exit but couldn't dissolve the company directly as it still owed money to some clients.

I was able to list my business and close the transaction in a few days. If I'm honest, I didn't think anyone would be interested in buying my financial services company with the mess I was in, but afterwards I realised my client list was worth a lot of money to the new owners, so I guess it made sense to someone.

Kane W - DELGADO CO****IAL LTD, Leicester

My wholesale business took an absolute hammering during the pandemic. I reached out to several insolvency practitioners but could not believe the fees and how intrusive the process appeared to be. 

I wanted to close the company and start a new one, but was told all kinds of different versions about how that was 'illegal'. It was impossible to tell who was giving me good advice or just trying to scare me into pay huge fees to liquidate the company. 

Online I came across an ad for CBB and decided to look into it. I wish I'd found their site before as I was getting really stressed with being chased for money I couldn't pay. 

Krzysztof T - IT SERVICES & SYSTEM IN****NS LIMITED, Crawley

“I was literally on the verge of giving up trying to find a solution to my IR35 issues. HMRC were being real **** about everything. There was not enough money left in the company accounts to pay for an Insolvency Practitioner.

If you're an IT contractor like me and you want to get out of the IR35 nightmare, its definitely worth taking the option of selling.

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