About CashBusinessBuyers.com

CashBusinessBuyers.com is an online platform for the buying and selling of UK limited companies. We've helped thousands of business owners buy and sell using our proprietary AI powered matching algorithm.

Our automated systems match sellers with buyers who are looking for a UK company to carry out business.

Most of our buyers are looking to buy distressed companies in order to either turn them around or make the most of the assets the company has.

Who on earth buys struggling companies?

There are many reasons why a buyer will buy your business, even if it's facing bankruptcy...

  • The business has a trading history. This is important to buyers.
  • Buyers may be looking for your customer lists. Finding new customers costs money.
  • Some buyers are turnaround specialists who may see value where you no longer do
  • Even losses can be valuable to a new owner for tax purposes
  • Many buyers like to aggregate your clients with theirs

How much can I sell my business for?

For answers to this question and everything else you need to know about the process i click here