Company Sale Agreement

See our contracts before you list for sale

Here's what our competitors won't show you.

Want to see our contracts?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

We think it's normal that with all the misinformation online about your company and insolvency that's sponsored and promoted by IPs that you're bound to wonder what the catch is when selling your ltd company to avoid insolvency.

So we've published our paperwork, the process and few standard Companies House forms you will need to complete if we are successful in finding a buyer for your business.

What our competitors won't show you

We get dozens of enquiries a week from owners of struggling companies who are looking for a low cost alternative to insolvency, but who are uncertain about the process of selling their limited company and what the comeback is on them as owners after they sell.

Well, that makes a lot of sense because we know that our competitors do things differently.

None of our competitors publish prices. None of our competitors
will show you the contract they want you to use
before you list your company.

Well, we think you should know everything about how it works before you list your company for sale with us, sell to a new owner and walk away from your company’s debts and liabilities.

So, first of all here are our prices

Price List Here

There are no hidden fees, no extra legal fees, no charges other than the price of the package you choose and then only once your company has actually sold to a new buyer.

And now for the simple paperwork we use to get this done

Secondly, here is the paperwork you will use to sell your company and walk away from its debts and liabilities.

This downloadable pack includes:

  • The Agreement for sale
  • Standard Share Transfer form (conforms to Companies House standard for registering share sales/transfers
  • The Companies House forms you will need to sign when you sell (some of them are online)
  • A short guide to the exact process you will be guided through on our automated platform once we have found a buyer for your limited company

Unlike most contracts, it’s written in plain English and literally anyone can read and understand the terms of sale.

Along with our Standard Terms of Sale come the Companies House forms. Once again, standard paperwork all company owners need to use when transferring shares, or resigning as a Director.

Just pop in your email below and we will send you your pre-contract pack.

And our guarantee is this: If you list your company for sale with us (free listing for a limited time this month) and it sells, this is the paperwork you will receive

So, there you have it, simple, fast, very, very low cost and no mystery to the process.

Are you ready to sell your company to avoid insolvency?

If you are ready to sell your company as alternative to insolvency click here 

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